About Me

I've been a practicing therapist for over eighteen years and have worked in various settings, ranging from residential treatment facilities to hospitals and clinics. The limited time and accessibility I could offer clients in a clinic setting was frustrating, so I opened my own practice in 2009.


After moving from Raleigh to Wake Forest, I now have a private setting with my own office attached to my home. Here I offer traditional in-office therapy, but also provide the alternative option of equine psychotherapy, using the horses who live on the property. 

Please contact me with questions or to make an appointment at 919-886-1660 or email eamlcsw@gmail.com.



Dialetical Behavioral Therapy

Trained in 2006 in Reading PA


Michigan State University, E. Lansing, Michigan

B.A. Socioeconomics and B.A. English

Redecision Therapy and Transactional Analysis


Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

certified by EAGALA, in 2010, 2012


training on-going 2016 to 2017


Western Michigan University

Masters in Clinical Social Work